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Devacars | used car sale and finance

                                                           Buy a used car in zero down payment, Deva is one of the leading auto brokers in Dubai, UAE We do and finance arrange with the bank. You can choose the car from our inventory. All these you can start monthly installment basis As well as for buyer we can help to get finance up to 100% (No down payments ). Minimum salary 3000 DHS only. Exclusive finance rates are available with all Banks. Islamic finance also available, maybe no payment for the first 3 months. Please ask us for further details.

Call our agent  book your time that you can come and see the car.
Check the car and if you satisfied book the car with some advance amount.  
If you need bring your mechanic or any professional  For deep check up bring them first and check the car. 
If you satisfied book the car with some advance .
submit your documents 
we do the rest all your part 
and ready to drive your car with in 7 working days 

Documents required 

Salary certificate ,

Last Four months bank statement ,

Etihad report with score (aecb report with score)

Passport front and back with visa page 

Emirates id 

Driving licence 

If bank need any more documents we will conform with you once credit conformation  

Bank interest 

Bank interest is starting from 2.75 but its all depend on  salary ,length of service , car model , strength of company etc . but simply saying salary between 3000 dhs to 5000 dhs interest rate is 5.5 to 5.99 % / if salary is more than 5000 then interest is 3.5% to 4.99 % , if salary i more than 100000 dhs interest starting from 2.75 max will as per bank policy .


Minimum loan period you can go for  loan one year , maximum we can do for 5 years but remember all its terms and condition  
viewing timing 
Schedule a viewing between 9AM-8PM Monday to Saturday  and Sunday is holily day  (subject to availability)




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