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Welcome to host benefits from Devalokam in association with Autopal Middle East, a premier motoring association which facilitates a wide variety of automobile solutions to the motorists in UAE, Our aim is to offer professional and value added services by offering emergency roadside assistance, complete auto touring and special offers from preferred partner outlets.

Vehicle recovery services


In case of a breakdown or an accident, Devalokam will recover the member’s vehicle to the nearest garage


Battery Boost services


Where the vehicle’s battery is dead Devalokam will jump start the vehicle to enable the members to carry on with their journey or will recover the vehicle to the nearest garage.


Flat tire service


In the case of a flat tire, Devalokam will change a tire with a spare one or will recover the vehicle to the nearest garage if there is no spare tire in the car.


Lockout service


If the keys are locked inside the vehicle Devalokam will make an attempt to gain access to the key or open the lock in compliance with the traffic rules and regulations


Fuel Delivery Service


In the event of a member run out of fuel, Devalokam Wil delivery of the fuel and the member will have to pay the cost of fuel only

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