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We assist you to purchase a car without down payment.You can spot the car in our inventory. We include insurance, registration passing, Salik, evaluation on road expense even with your loan. Interest rate considered from 2.25% to 4.49%. And we aid you to get the best interest rates from different banks as we are submitting documents with special requests. First instalment  could be paid after 4 months. Islamic finance is also available . And we do have many more plans to keep you secured in the commerce . Besides, we features additional fittings .T & C applied.


3 kinds of EMi plans are available


1) with down payment

2) without downpayement

3) On the road expense also included with loan


Documents required for avail loans


a)  Self Employed


1. Valid trade license copy - all three pages for LLC

2. Tenancy contract

3. Memorandum and if there is any amendment

4. Passport copies of all partners

5. Passport and visa copies of the applicant

6. Emirates ID

7. 3 month company bank statement -     (stamped from bank)

8. 3 month- company bank statement     (stamped from bank)

b) Employed


1. Salary certificate

2. 3 month stamped bank statement     (online statement not accepatable)

3. Passport and visa copies

4. Emirates ID copy

c) For Companies


1. Valid trade licens copy- all 3 pages LLC

2. Tenancy contract copy

3. Recent telephone bill.

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